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League Affiliation with U. S. Youth Futsal
If you already have a futsal operation or are thinking about starting one, U.S. Youth Futsal is uniquely qualified to help you!

To request the U.S. Youth Futsal Affiliation Kit

Most of the largest youth Futsal leagues in the United States are affiliated with U.S. Youth Futsal. The U.S. Youth Futsal leagues in Kansas City, St. Louis, Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, Dallas, Richmond, Grand Rapids, MI, Madison, MI, New Hampshire, South Jersey have been among the largest leagues for a number of years. Additionally, U.S. Youth Futsal is continuing to add leagues, bringing the total to over 70 leagues across the country.

U.S. Youth Futsal has a successful track record of helping local league owners start and build their leagues!

Leadership Team and Support staff - Success Starts at the Top                                                              

From the bios of the leadership team in the "About Us" section of the site, U.S. Youth Futsal leadership demonstrates its knowledge of soccer and futsal. They are also accomplished business people.

United States Youth Futsal was founded by former U.S. Men's National Futsal Team members Jon Parry and Peter Vermes.  John Sciore, Director of Development, helps new and experienced league owners with a personalized approached and one to one attention.

Jon and John have more than 34 years of combined experience in running Futsal leagues. This is experience gained from actually doing the work of organizing, marketing, and day to day operations of managing futsal leagues and events

Our experience, dedication to our League Owners and our passion for the game, makes us uniquely qualified to help you succeed!

U.S. Soccer Affiliation                                                                                                                                   
U.S. Youth Futsal is the largest youth Futsal league in the United States. As an affiliate of U.S. Soccer, your Futsal league will have instant credibility within the local soccer community. As an affiliate, you will also benefit from the U.S. Soccer referee structure that exists in your area.

U.S. Youth Futsal financially supports U.S. Soccer programs such as MNT, WNT & USMNFT.

U.S. Youth Futsal Leagues are fully insured to protect your business from liability issues.

U.S. Youth Futsal and U.S. Soccer - your partners in success!

Insurance - Protection for participants, Facility and You                                                                         
U.S. Youth Futsal leagues have liability insurance for facilities, major medical for coaches and youth players, and personal liability insurance for league owners. In today’s lawsuit environment, you need to protect yourself as a league owner. We make that easy for you!

USYF helps you to protect your Futsal business!

Locating and Training Referees                                                                                                                 
As an affiliate of U.S. Soccer, U.S. Youth Futsal will guide you in finding a pool of qualified referees to officiate your league. As an affiliate of US Soccer, you will be able to tap into the qualified futsal referees in your area. If none exists, U.S. Youth Futsal will show you how to access your state referee association to secure qualified Futsal referees from the outdoor referee pool.

Qualified referees will assure your league of a good reputation!

Securing Fields                                                                                                                                           
We will teach you the how-to’s of finding suitable courts to play your league and tournaments. We can help you in negotiating terms and reviewing items you will need to take into consideration in selecting facilities. The U.S. Youth Futsal name and its success will give you credibility as you meet with facility owners.

Finding an appropriate facility takes time and you may need help!

Marketing Tools - Techniques to Advertise your new league league                                                      
Whether you are in an area where there is no organized Futsal, or you are in area that has established Futsal and indoor competitors, we can help you. We will help you to develop marketing material that educate and motivate area coaches to play in your league. As a league owner with U.S. Youth Futsal, you will have access to numerous marketing strategies and tools, such as:

  • Zero to 100 Marketing Plan™- learn how to go from 0 teams to 100 teams - quickly
  • Brochures – Save hundreds of dollars on creating a brochure from scratch. You can use our market-tested brochures that can be easily modified to suit your league
  • E-mail marketing campaign –Distinguish yourself with a series of emails designed to move teams to your Futsal league
  • Inexpensive signage - Market to where your prospects play each week
  • How to get the “buy-in” of coaches, players and parents to play futsal
  • Learn about our Top-down – Bottom up™ marketing technique
  • Scripts to use in marketing on the phone and in person
  • The FACE-NAME-VOICE™ Marketing strategy and why it works
  • Step by step instructions of building an effective select coach data bank
  • Press Releases - to professionally announce your league
  • Newsletter - a monthly publication sent to whoever you want to keep in touch with 

U.S. Youth Futsal will provide you with field-tested, successful methods to market your league. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Web Site Hosting and Design                                                                                                                   

  • Impressive, but simple website templates to advertise your league hosted by industry leader Demosphere
  • User friendly website– no HTML knowledge needed
  • Website hosting
  • URL address
  • Linking your website with the online registration system
  • Choosing articles, videos and other items of interest from our League Owner Library and put them on your site

We make it easy for your league to have a professional image.

Registration and Participant Management                                                                                               

  • Online Registration System, Player Management and Communication
  • Easy to use web-based registration system to help you organize, manage and communicate with teams, players and managers. No paper to deal with, just an easy to operate, but complete system to keep track of the teams in your league. Web-based system accessible from anywhere.

Team and Player Registration

  • Team managers can add/remove players to their teams to create rosters
  • Produces rosters
  • Captures player, manager and coach information
  • E-mail to individuals, age groups or entire league
  • Scoring, standing and history
  • Player card printout including optional player photos

Financial Management

  • Simple setup/customization for your league or tournament - start taking registration within minutes of set up
  • Credit card (Master Card and Visa) and Pay by Check option
  • Track total revenue, outstanding balances and refund via financial reports

Player Management

  • Team managers can add/remove players to their teams to create rosters
  • Produces roster cards
  • Captures player, manager and coach information
  • E-mail to individuals, age groups or entire league
  • Scoring, standing and history
  • Player card printout including optional player photos

Tournament and League Management

  • Bracket Manager allows easy setup and grouping of teams
  • Schedules may be entered online or imported from your own schedule/spreadsheet
  • Pre-printed game cards with game date, time, court, facility and populated rosters
  • Venue maps with interactive Google maps
  • Easy to use Standings, History and Schedule features. For a look at the professional layout of the Standings, History and Schedule, go to: 

Communicating with Participants

  • Text email to individuals, age groups, or entire league
  • Mobile messaging via text messaging/email for real-time notifications of score updates or tournament and league information
  • Referee Management
  • Track games that referees work via score input
  • Setup pay scale/rates for referees and generate payment reports
  • First Impression is critical - We will help you look professional right from the start!

Regional and National Championships - For teams that want to play at the highest level                          

  • U.S. Youth Futsal National Championships
  • U.S. Youth Futsal has the largest national championships in the United States! Teams from all over the country come to participate.
  • Being a part of U.S. Youth Futsal, you will also be eligible to host State and Regional Championships once you meet qualifying criteria!

Futsal ID Regional and National Teams - For players that want to play at the highest level                          

  • We identfy high-level players and by invitation, give them an opportunity to try out for one of our 5 Regional Teams
  • For the most accomplished players, they can play for our National Teams

Sources of Revenue - Profit from various sources of revenue                                                               

  • As a U.S. Youth Futsal league, there are numerous profit centers other than league registration fees
  • Purchase merchandise at wholesale price for resale to your league
  • Host tournaments
  • Locally generated sponsorship feeds
  • Player development clinics

NEXT STEPS                                                                                                             

If you are interested in more information on starting a Futsal league, request our Affiliation Kit. The Kit will help you

  •  Understand what it takes to start a successful Futsal league 
  •  Determine if affiliating with us would help grow your current Futsal operation (if you currently have one)
  •  Assess if you have the skills, desire and resources to be successful
  •  Determine if your next step is to partner with U.S. Youth Futsal 


To request the Affiliation Kit

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