Champions Crowned - 2017 USYF Regional Championships
Road To The National Championships.


OVERLAND PARK, KAN. (Jan. 24, 2017) - United States Youth Futsal's Regional Championships were hosted in seven cities over the past month.  Qualifying teams for the 2017 U.S. Youth Futsal National Championships which will be held February 17-20, 2017 in New Century, KS.

Teams from across the country competed, seeking a regional title and qualification for the National Championships. The winners of the U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U16 and U18 boys and girls divisions received automatic berths while other participants may apply for an at-large spot.  

Cities hosted were hosted in Sacramento, Naples, Akron, St. Louis, Boston, Richmond, and Philadelphia.  

Regional Championships was also suppose to be held in Overland Park, Kansas.  The weekend of January 13-15. Sadly an extreme ice storm was forcasted to hit the region which resulted the cancellation of the tournament.  Safety was the number 1 priority

Congratulations to all the Champions and Finalist.  Below are the list.

Division Region Champions Finalist
U8 Boys - 2009    
  Northern California Futsal Kingz 09 Folsom 09
U9 Boys - 2008    
  Southeast FC Futsal 08 Eagle Academy
  Northern California FC Futsal Kingz 07 FC Futsal Kingz 08
  Great Lakes Columbus Futsal Flyers Futsoul Academy 08 Boys
  Midwest Universal Soccer & Futsal Academy SLSG - Dobbs FC
  Northeast Bolts 08 Manhattan Kickers 2008
U10 Boys - 2007    
  Northern California Futzal Kingz 07 Futsal Kingz 08
  Great Lakes Great Lakes Fusion Ginga Academy
  Midwest BRUSFA 07 Universal Soccer & Futsal Academy 07 Hornets
  Mid Atlantic DC Futsal Academy - Previous Hyper Futsal FutsalRVA U10 Boys Blue
  Northeast Manhattan Kickers 2007 Bolt 07
  Atlantic HFC Rio 07 PSC Rampage
U11 Boys - 2006    
  Southeast Chelsea Thermo FC
  Great Lakes Great Lakes Futsal 06 Futsoul Academy 06
  Midwest SportsTutor FA 06 Boys Lou Fusz Man United 06
  Mid Atlantic DC Futsal Academy- previous Hyper Futsal FutsalRVA U11B Beck
  Northeast Malwee Futsal USA 06 Manhattan Kickers 2006
  Atlantic AFA Atletico Continental 06 Black
U12 Boys - 2005    
  Southeast FC Futsal 05 / 06 Strikers
  Northern California SUSC Halcones BUFC 05
  Midwest SLSG IL Green Machine AUSC SELECT 05
  Great Lakes Grand Rapids 05 Boys Academy SWAP ED. JONES '05 A
  Mid Atlantic FutsalRVA U11B Blue FutsalRVA U12B Blue
  Atlantic Continental 05 Black DLSS BU12
U13 Boys - 2004    
  Southeast Lions International Brazil Soccer Academy
  Midwest SLSG St Louis FC STL Futsal
  Great Lakes SWAP C&E '04 TFFC 2
  Mid Atlantic CARA-CASL White CARA-CASL Grey
  Northeast NEFC DA 2 Ginga Futsal 2004 Boys
  Atlantic AFA 04 Fabinho HFC Rangers Red
U14 Boys - 2003    
  Northern California Futsal Factory FC 03/04 - Rocklin Ginga FC
  Midwest Futsal Factory 03 AUSC SELECT 03
  Great Lakes Grand Rapids 03 Boys Academy Ginga Academy
  Mid Atlantic Futsal R-Va U14 Boys Futsal R-Va U14 Boys 2
  Northeast GPS Massachusetts 2003 Boys Dragons M2003
  Atlantic AFA 03 Fabinho DCFA Corinthians
U15 Boys - 2002    
  Midwest BRUSFA Santos Elite 02 Mission Taco FA
  Great Lakes Ginga Academy Barbarian FC 02
  Mid Atlantic Home U15 Cellar Dwellars
  Northeast Explosion FC FNH Typhoon
  Atlantic AUSC Select 02 AFA 02 Fabinho
U16 Boys - 2001    
  Southeast Bonita FC Santos FC Thunder
  N. California Futsal Factory FC 02 Bombers
  Midwest Madison Futsal Forge 01B BRUSFA Ind. Elite 01
  Great Lakes FC UN1TUS Grand Rapids 01 Boys Academy
  Northeast Bolts 01 F.C. Black Knights 2001
  Atlantic AFA 01 Fabinho JTS Young Guns
U17 Boys - 2000    
  Midwest Roadrunners B2000 Premier I SportsTutor FA 00 Boys
  Great Lakes Grand Rapids 00 Boys Academy Wadsworth U17 Grizzlies
  Mid Atlantic Home U17 FFC U17 Boys Black
  Northeast F.C. Black Knights 2000 Bolts 00
U18 Boys - 1999    
  Great Lakes Louisville Futsal Academy Ambassadors 1999
  Northeast Brazilian United FC 1999 Boys F.C. Black Knights 1999
U19 Boys - 1998    
  Great Lakes Ohio Futsal Factory Lansing City Futsal 98 Boys Falcao
  Midwest Roadrunners SC 1998 Premier BRUSFA Five Guys & A Futsal 99
  Mid Atlantic Cyclones Blue FutsalRVA HSB Black
  Atlantic DCFA Inter Bucks Futsal Academy
U9 Girls - 2008    
  Midwest Lou Fusz - Zakaria / Meyer 08 GSE Futsal Academy 2008G Segundo
  Northeast GPS Massachusetts 2008 Girls Red GPS Massachusetts 2008 Girls White
U10 Girls - 2007    
  Northern California SUSC United Blues
  Mid Atlantic Futsal RVA FDA Girls A FFC U9 Girls Black
  Northeast Brazil CT 2007 Girls GPS Massachusetts 2007 Girls
  Atlantic Nessa Sporting Virginia Team Nessa
U11 Girls - 2006    
  Great Lakes Heart & Sole FA 2006 G Great Lakes Futsal 07 TCFC
  Midwest Real STL - Hickey Elite Madison Futsal Forge 06G
  Mid Atlantic FutsalRVA U11 Girls Blue VSA FC
  Northeast Long Island Dream GPS Massachusetts 2006 Girls
  Atlantic FC Fury New York 06 SJEFA
U12 Girls - 2005    
  Midwest Galaxy SC Meteorites Lou Fusz Team Adrenalin
  Mid Atlantic FutsalRVA U12 Girls Blue FFC U12 Girls Black
  Northeast FNH Cascade Seacoast United Kings G05
  Atlantic Sole Futsal Academy '05 Coppa Rage 2
U13 Girls - 2004    
  Great Lakes Azzurri Futsal Club U13 Girls Ginga Jam
  Mid Atlantic U13 ETA Girls FFC U13 Girls Black
  Northeast Safira Soccer Academy GPS Massachusetts 2004 Girls
  Atlantic FC Fury 04 Sole Futsal Academy 04
U14 Girls - 2003    
  Great Lakes Veni Vidi Vici (2003) Ginga Academy
  Mid Atlantic FutsalRVA U14 Girls Blue 1 FFC U14 Girls Black
  Northeast Long Island Dream Seacoast United Kings G03
  Atlantic FC Fury SJEFA
U15 Girls - 2002    
  Northern California Samba Force Blues 03
  Midwest Chicago Inferno 03G Sporting JB - Baum
  Great Lakes Ginga Academy Phoenix FC 2002G
  Northeast DV Academy G2002 GPS Massachusetts 2002 Girls
U16 Girls - 2001    
  Southeast The Squad Mouseketeers
  Northeast DV Academy G2001 Samba Black 2001 Girls
  Atlantic SJEFA PA Majestics
U17 Girls - 2000    
  Great Lakes ABK 00 Girls Premier Great Lakes Futsal 00 Blue
  Northeast F.W.A. GPS Massachusetts 2000 Girls
U18 Girls - 1999    
  Northeast Brazil CT 1999 Girls Galaxy
U19 Girls - 1998    
  Midwest SportsTutor FA 98 Girls BRUSFA
  Great Lakes Grand Rapids ABK 98G Academy Lansing City Futsal 98 Girls Falcao
  Mid Atlantic Richmond United U19 Richmond United+
  Northeast FNH Eruption FC Stars
  Atlantic 2000 Girls - 360 White Magic

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United States Youth Futsal is the largest U.S. Soccer affiliated futsal organization in the country. Launched in 2004, U.S. Youth Futsal oversees more than 100 local leagues and hosts 10 Regional and 1 National Championship as well as the Futsal I.D. program, the U.S. Youth Futsal National Teams and the Leadership Summit.

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Article By
John Haasis
Director Of Communications - U.S. Youth Futsal


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