ABK Pro Crowned As Adult National Champions
2016 U.S. Adult Futsal National Championships

OVERLAND PARK, KAN. (Apr 4, 2016) - ABK Pro was crowned Champions and Bosnia crowned Finalist at the 2016 U.S. Adult Futsal National Championships. The tournament took place this past weekend at the Ginga Courts in Grand Rapids, MI. 8 high caliber teams showcased true Futsal talent but only one can be crowned as a National Champion.  If you love goals, this was the tournament to watch.  274 goals total in the 14 matches. 

"We are very proud that our ABK men's team has won the last two U.S. Adult Futsal National Championships winning in 2014 and now 2016". said Jose Fabian Rodriguez, ABK Pro''s Coach  "We look forward to continue to train, learn more about the game of Futsal and prepare to defend our title in 2017".

Teams in the National Championships were; ABK Pro, Detroit Waza Pro, Cleveland Extreme, Bosnia, ABK Premier, Detroit Sporting, Columbus Futsal and Fort Wayne Phoenix.  Notable players that played this weekend, ABK Pro's Alex Mendez and Jessie Zamundo. who are on the U.S. Men's National Futsal Team   

ABK Pro - Champions
ABK Pro - Champions

Bosnia - Finalist

Tournament Recap

Saturday April 2, 2016 Sunday April 3, 2016
8:00am - Detroit Sporting 10-9 Fort Wayne Phoenix 
9:30am - ABK Pro 13-11 Detroit Waza Pro
12:00pm - Cleveland Extreme 8-16 Bosnia
1:45pm - ABK Premier 12-9 Fort Wayne Phoenix
3:15pm - Detroit Waza Pro 14-17 Bosnia
5:00pm - ABK Premier 5-4 Detroit Sporting
6:45pm - Detroit Waza Pro 17-15 Cleveland Extreme
8:30pm - Columbus Futsal 8-3 Fort Wayne Phoenix
8:00am - Columbus Futsal 8-8. ABK Premier
9:30am - ABK Pro 15-12 Cleveland Extreme
12:00pm - Detroit Sporting vs Columbus Futsal
1:45pm - ABK Pro 9-6 Bosnia

Semi Finals
3:15pm - ABK Pro 9-6 ABK Premier
5:00pm - Bosnia 8-7 Columbus Futsal

Championship Finals
7:30pm - ABK Pro 9-6 Bosnia

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