U.S. Youth Futsal partners with Senda Athletics
Fair Trade balls and equipment to be provided by California-based company

OVERLAND PARK, KAN. (Jan. 8, 2015) - United States Youth Futsal has partnered with Senda Athletics to provide top quality Fair Trade futsal balls for its tournaments, leagues and development programs.

"U.S. Youth Futsal is excited to partner with Senda Athletics, which prides itself on providing top quality futsal balls that meet certified Fair Trade standards," said Jon Parry, the futsal organization's executive director. 


"Fair Trade standards ensure that ball producers meet social, economic and environmental criteria," Parry added. "Senda is the only certified Fair Trade futsal ball producer in the United States and it is a great pleasure to partner with Senda to provide the highest quality balls for U.S. Youth Futsal events and programs."  


Senda will provide balls for the U.S. Youth Futsal Regional and National Championships and will provide balls and pinnies for the organization's Futsal I.D. and team programs. 


"Partnering with U.S. Youth Futsal is a major stepping stone for Senda," said Santiago Halty, Senda's CEO. "We are honored and pleased to help grow the game of futsal, which has enormous potential to elevate the level of soccer in this country." 


Senda's futsal ball, the RIO, is named after Rio de Janeiro to honor a city where players get introduced to the game at a very young age. Senda RIO Futsal balls come in official size 4 and youth size 3. In addition, the company is developing a size 2 ball for very young players.


Fair Trade standards ensure that all workers in the supply chain -- factory workers and stitchers: receive at least the national minimum wage, that there is no child labor involved in production, and that the health and safety of workers is safeguarded.

Senda Athletics ball construction

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