FUTSAL: The proven method for developing techniques and fine tuning the fundamental soccer skills in the most efficient manner.




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 Ohio's highest level futsal leagues and training sessions.

Programs with a history...  building players for the future!

 Providing quality, convenient developmental environments for soccer playing boys and girls working to reach their full potential since 2006.

Futsal began in 1930 South America and is now credited with producing some of the wolrd’s most talented players (Pele, Zico, Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Teves, Maradona) and most successful teams (Brasil, Spain, Italy).

It’s meaning comes from combining the words Futbol, the worldwide term for ’soccer’ and Salon the spanish word for ’hall’.It was created for play on gymnasium floors in South American YMCA’s and has spread across the world due to the games inherent player development value.

Futsal, Futbol Sala or Futebol de Salao is played on a court surface with no walls, a low-bounce ball and each team uses 4 field players and a goalkeeper. Substitutions are made on the fly throughout the game, quick play and decision making are essential, accuracy is demanded, individual creativity is fostered and team play is rewarded.

GREAT LAKES FUTSAL provides futsal league play and instruction for all ages.

  • 4 Convenient, Warm, Safe and Clean Facilities for Game Play.
  • Official Equipment including Futsal Goals, Balls, Scoreboards & Seating.
  • US Soccer Certified Futsal Referees.
  • Futsal Clinics and Informational Futsal Packets.
  • Futsal Instructional and Informational Videos.
  • Futsal Regional Tournament.
  • Futsal All Star Teams.
  • National Tournament Participation Including 9 National Titles Since 2009.
Futsal Juniors: An 8 Week Developmental Program for Beginners 4-9 Years Old.

Assisted by coaches and parents, children learn to develop balance, agility and body control with a futsal ball under their foot at all times. Passing, trapping, sheilding, changing direction, dribbling, footskills and shooting are all covered topics in addition to weekly game play and rules explanations.


  • Includes 8 one-hour training sessions.
  • Each session includes 25 minutes training followed 30 minutes gameplay weekly.
  • Children sorted by age and ability to maximize productivity.
  • Every participant recieves an official futsal ball.
  • Every participant recieves a Futsal Juniors Jersey.

Training Location: (days and times to be posted soon).

  • Saturday Mornings.      9am & 10am.      Akron.                  Goodyear Hall.
  • Monday Evenings.        5pm & 6pm.        Akron.                  Goodyear Hall.
  • $130 per participant. Register Online or Pay By Check. Limited space per class.
  • Children show a notable increase in skill and confidence after one session.
  • Watch videos from past sessions at the GreatLakesFutsal Channel.
  • Limited Space Available at Akron and Parma locations.

Heart & Sole Futsal Training: An 8 Week Program for Boys and Girls Aged 8 & Older.

$140 per participant. Register Online Now or Pay By Check.

  • 8 weekly one hour sessions.
  • Professional Coaching.
  • Players Placed in Appropriate Age/Skill Groups.
  • Team Groups Welcome.
  • Skills, Drills and Individual Improvement are the Major Focus.
  • Includes Game Play and Tactics.
  • Futsal Training T-shirt.

Training Locations: (days and times to be posted soon).

  • Akron. Goodyear Hall.
  • Chagrin Falls. Community-B.

Heart & Sole Futsal Teams: 8 League Games ONLY. Aged 8 & Older.

$175 per participant. Register Online Now or Pay By Check.

  • 8, Great Lakes Futsal Games.
  • Professional Coaching.
  • Players Placed in Appropriate Age/Skill Groups.
  • Groups Welcome.
  • Includes Games, Team Shirt & Referee Fees. 
  • Every Parent Must Register Their Child With USYF Through The Website Prior To Participation, $8.50 one time annual fee.

Game Locations(days and times to be posted soon).

  • Saturdays, Sundays.                                 Akron.                Goodyear Hall
  • Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays.                  Parma.                Ohio-Nets.
  • Saturday Evenings, Sunday Mornings.   Willoughby.        Lost Nation Sports Park-East.
  • Saturday Evenings, Sunday Mornings.   Amherst.            Lost Nation Sports Park-West.


Heart & Sole ELITE Futsal Teams: An advanced tryout mandatory program.

$350 per participant. Register Online Now or Pay By Check.

  • 8 weekly one hour training sessions.
  • 8 GLF League Games.
  • Professional Coaching.
  • Players Placed Acording To Tryout Results.
  • Includes Weekly Training, Game Play, Uniform Jersey, Referee Fees And USYF Registration.

Training Locations(days and times to be posted soon).

  • Friday Evenings.        Akron.             Goodyear Hall.
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